David Emerson

Unprinicpled Bastard III – The Reaction

How else did he think the public was going to take this? – my wife

David Emerson, would you say you are more foolish or ambitious? Perhaps you’re just trying to top up your pension and only need that extra year or two at the Ministerial level? I know that it’s hard to make ends meet on only 144K.

I say this because it is hard to seriously think of you as someone who is preparing to face your electorate within the next two years or so. Perhaps you are relying on your new boss to provide the golden parachute into the Senate? Don’t worry – he’ll vote for you, and really that’s what he meant when he went on (and on and on) about an elected Senate. Oh, you Westerners – every bit the kidders as we Maritimers!

It’s a good thing that Mr. Harper has faith in you, because there are a few people out there that seemed to have lost it. Here’s a sample:

Serve his constituents? No, just serve himself:

Now, it is true that when he was lured from the private sector to run for the Liberals a couple of years ago, he did so because the Liberals had the best chance of forming the government. He was not interested in serving time in opposition, and had the Tories been in the best position to form the government, he might have run for them.

Vancouver Liberals want Emerson to repay $97,000

He said he had raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Liberals while he was an MP, and that he felt like a “cash cow” for the party.

Angry Emerson seethes at critics (you know that this is gonna be good!)

“My kids are being treated with hostility in school because of what’s being said. My kids are crying because of what’s being said at school,” Emerson told The Province from Ottawa.


He said Liberal attacks on him since his defection are “a sign of a sickness — a deep sickness,” and that he is “very happy” to be sending out letters of resignation.

David, David, David. They are teasing your kids? It must be part of that “deep sickness”, right? They can be so cruel, kids. Where do you think they’re hearing such slander? Oh yeah, their parents, the ones that voted for you. The ones that gave your party money, which you understand ‘cuz you managed a bank and you draw a salary bonus of $71K as a Cabinet Minister. Lesson learned there, huh? You tell ’em David – “vote for this“!

Here is my question – Did Stephen Harper think that this actually was going to work, or is he simply getting back at Emerson for saying all those nasty things about Conservatives the last year or so?

If he thought that this was gonna float him some love in Vancouver, he’s obviously miscalculated. He’s miscalculated to the extent that the lefty part of me sleeps easily tonight in the knowledge that the Conservative Reign of Error should be a short one. If he’s getting back at Emerson then he’s gutsy and cunning and, ah screw it, I want to sleep.


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