A Burning Sensation

Yesterday, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board saw fit to take away the license of Sensations Cabaret to offer adult entertainment, although they’ll still be able to sell booze on the premises. Residents of the neighborhood where the club is located are justifiably pleased – they have been fighting for months against the renewal of the license.

In what has become a mantra for the owner, Javis Roberts (actually his wife is the owner, and the club was purchased with money borrowed from his mother. What do you wanna bet he didn’t tell her what the money was for?), he vowed to soldier on, despite what he obviously feels is persecution by the community. In fact, he has bigger and better things in mind:

But club manager Javis Roberts said if residents think the decision means no more strip club, they’re wrong. Sensations intends to have dancers on stage this weekend with a full array of new sexual services.”It’s going to be the first real strip club in Nova Scotia,” he said.

I’m not sure what the ‘full array of sexual services’ would be, but it can’t bode well for the neighborhood.

As I have mentioned in the past, I volunteer with a group whose goal is to make the community a better place to live, so I’m sure my reaction to this is somewhat predictable. Let me be clear on one thing, though: I am not opposed to strip clubs per se. I have no moral objection beyond the outrage at the recruitment of local teenagers from a high school in the neighborhood. I actually have never been to a strip joint – I enjoy the female form as much as the next person, but when I’m in a room naked with someone (those of you who know me are now hoping for some way to get that image out of your minds) , I’d like there not to be a ‘no touching’ rule – it defeats the purpose. Save some money and buy a magazine, rent a video, whatever, as long as it’s private and harms nobody else. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than intimacy with someone you trust and respect. Which, of course, men don’t do with strippers. My cousin, to whom I’m very close, plied her trade as a stripper on the West Coast for a while, and it was hard – she’s more than capable of taking care of herself, but there are others who aren’t.

Anyway, in true porn mogul fashion, Mr. Roberts sees himself as the injured party, despite complaints from neighbors (I know one of them) who have had prostitutes doing their thing in people’s backyards, who have had their windows broken, who have been sexually harassed by patrons – do we see a pattern yet?

I’m aghast at the complete disregard for the families in the neighborhood, and Roberts’ desire to continue regardless of the damage it does. Of course, this should be expected of a person whose bus company was shut down due to safety violations. Again, another business operated regardless of the risk to others.

Let me say this directly to this ‘entrepreneur’ – you’ve lost. Get over it. The neighbors are not going away, nor should they – they were there first. All they want is the opportunity to raise families without the risk of property damage or much worse. When the first young girl is raped by someone leaving your club, will you then say that she did it on purpose to discredit you?

Cut your losses, move somewhere else – there are lots of areas on the outskirts where nobody lives, where the surrounding neighborhoods will not be at such a risk. It’s not about ‘legislating morality’, it’s about common sense – but Mr. Roberts is thinking with his wallet. Or with something else in his pants.


10 thoughts on “A Burning Sensation

  1. Flash,
    Roberts’ reaction is classic. He is just creating a club; what happens outside as a result of that club is not of his concern. Javis Roberts is also a complete asshole – there are places in the business and industrial parks that would have been completely fine for such a place and he knew it. I’m sure he rolled the dice that he would get the license and that the attendent publicity and protest (because he put it in a residential neighbourhood) would be good for business. Absolutely no concern for the neighbourhood, just the bottom line.

    Well, Javis, you lost buddy. Now shut the fuck up and move on to someplace more appropriate.

    As for hookers plying their trade in backyards, might I suggest a neighbourhood watch program involving night-vision goggles and paintball guns? Is it possible to get indelible paint in those things?


  2. Roberts’ little bubble is bursting so he’s getting desperate. He owes millions between the Bank of Nova Scotia, the Bank of Montreal, and GE Capital, and the loans are beginning to be called in. I can’t imagine what his weekly profits are at Sensations, but can assure you that there is no way he’s making enough to even cover the interest on those millions he owes, even if he did have a full house every night. I can’t believe he could even fake being surprised about URB’s decision.

    Anyhow, his reckless disregard for the residential & business community around him is what really pisses me off. I’m one of the people who live in the area and have to shoo hookers away from my property several times a week since this “business” opened up. Before Sensations: 3 hookers, long time ones. Since Sensations: I can’t keep track anymore. Although, the digital camera does take mighty fine pictures of them and their johns.


  3. Thanks Jennifer, your comments and your work on this issue were what inspired the item – your hard work is appreciated!
    (note to readers: Jennifer is one of my fellow volunteers, who worked tirelessly on this – a round of applause, please!)


  4. Flash and Jennifer,

    If what I heard on the radio this morning and read here, it appears that Roberts intends to get around the ruling by operating his porn palace as a second establishment without a liquor license.

    Looks like your work is not yet done. Is there anything I can do to help? Frozen paint ball pellets and rock salt aside, of course.


  5. You’re right, our work isn’t done. Roberts (the pig) seems to have found some kind of loophole.

    Whether it actually is a loophole or not, I’m not sure. I am also not sure what kind of enforcement capability that the URB has. I’m waiting for an update from the Residents’ Society that has been spearheading all of this. Once I know more, I’ll post it here. Flash is gonna regret sending me this link … ha ha!


  6. Sounds great, Jennifer. I’ll make sure it gets on the mainpage. If you need any other help, just ask.

    I don’t know what else can be done within the confine of a blog. What about launching a blog campaign to drive Jarvis Roberts out of the residential area? Let’s send him someplace more appropriate like Burnside where there are already lots of places to um, get your pipes shined. (baddum bum – bam)

    Okay, okay, I won’t write the slogans. But I will help in any way possible.


  7. Actually, Jennifer and I have discussed a ‘Health Board’ blog where we could discuss the work of the Board and solicit comments from members and residents. This might be the right time for that – Might be an opportunity to raise the profile of the board and have a more immediate means of getting our messages across…


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