Sex is not for the youth

Hey, when you are married to the leader of a country in whih 7% of the population has AIDS, what advice do you have to give teenage students? Don’t use condoms, apparently. Lucy Kibaki, wife of Mwai Kibaki, president of Kenya, said just that in a speech today. And why not, you might ask? Well, because kids should learn abstinence, or in her words – “Sex is not for the youth”. This, of course is translated from Kiswahili, a more accurate translation might be “if I hold my breath I can keep my head my ass for a surprisingly long time”.

Any similarity with the Bush Administration’s approach to AIDS is purely accidental – they have research from dozens of sociologists proving that the youth actually do not have sex. It’s all just a myth of the “reality-based” anti-Christian Left.


Prince Charles is a Leonard Cohen fan

Who would have known that?

I won’t comment on this except to say that this line really got me:

Royal biographer Penny Junor agreed it was the perfect choice. “It sums him up,” she told Reuters.

“It is an amusing choice. If one had to play those games where you matched someone with someone, this is the perfect choice for an introspective and self-pitying individual.”

Did you get that? Leonard Cohen’s music is for the self-pitying! I guess for some people if you’re not singing about your new love, your bling, or your ass, you’re self-pitying. I don’t know about you, but I think Much Music and the like would do with a little more introspection and “self-pity” as long as it came at the cost of self-aggrandizement.

Play on, brother Leonard, play on!