You Know, Maybe We Should Stop…

picking on Pat Robertson – after all the man can leg press 2000 pounds. Love the quote from this site:

There is no way on earth Robertson leg presses 2,000 pounds. That would mean a 76-year-old man broke the all-time Florida State University leg press record by 665 pounds over Dan Kendra. 665 pounds. Further, when he set the record, they had to modify the leg press machine to fit 1,335 pounds of weight. Plus, Kendra’s capillaries in his eyes burst. Burst. Where in the world did Robertson even find a machine that could hold 2,000 pounds at one time? And how does he still have vision?

But hey, if Pat says he can press a ton, I believe him. And you can too – all you need to do is buy Pat’s Amazing Protein Shake!


The return of "Oh yeah? Well, I’m going home and taking my football with me"

I didn’t catch this in any of the earlier reports of Stephen Harper’s “the media is biased” hissy-fit and I haven’t had any blogsurfing time today, but it appears that:

Harper’s office circulated a memo to friendly lobbyists asking them to make the point that the journalists who walked out were lazy

So, I’m thinking that we are in the next few hours going to be able to identify who exactly are the Harper-certified media outlets in the country.

And click on my new icon to find out more information about our fearfullless leader.


Kenny-Boy and Jeffy goin’ to da big house

Well, sort of.

I’m sure Briguy will want to do a write-up on this, as it seems his hatred of these two and what they represent radiates like an almost-audible hum, so I will simply point out that the verdicts were just announced.

Question: Why did it take so damned long?

Observation: They face up to 20-30 years, I presume in a posh golf-course infested “jail” set aside for white collar criminals that you or I might actually otherwise pay money to stay at for a getaway weekend. Just how many million did they get for each year in “jail”? This, in a country that prides itself on being “tough on crime”, where stealing a car can get you five years or more if it isn’t a third strike, and life if it is. Of course, if you’re stealing a car you are more likely to be poor, and very possibly black or Hispanic and therefore, one presumes, deserving of jail as a public threat.

I’m just sayin’…


Oh yeah? Well, I’m going home and taking my football with me

In a move that doubtlessly will be hailed as a strong stand against the “Liberal” media by paranoid conservatives around the country, and in what looks to me most like a fit of pique, Stephen Harper has decided to avoid the national media.

This reminds me very much of a move George Bush tried a couple of years ago when his poll numbers were sagging and he sent the troops, Condoleeza Rice, the ever-photogenic Dick Cheney, and others, out to do interviews for a week or two with local news channels. For the most part, the local reporters, grateful for getting such a “scoop” as an interview with the National Security Advisor or veep, were unable to mount competent or challenging questions and the campaign became a mobile platform for the administration to basically say whatever it wanted.

This is naturally what the Conservatives want, but the critical difference between Harper and Bush is that Bush has advisors that he listens to and instead of announcing to the world in a crybaby voice “I’m not going to talk to you Washington jerks for a while (sniff), because you make baby sad!”, he simply changed the method of “message delivery” for a couple of weeks and didn’t make a big stink of it. Now Harper has had a public snit and the method of delivery will be the news and not the message he wants to carry. And the news will be – “Stephen Harper is a control freak that cannot tolerate being exposed to the big, scary real world for the length of time it takes to answer a few unscripted questions.”

I’m not sure how many rookie mistakes he’s going to be allowed, but this one is pretty big.

Whether or not the media is biased toward one party or the other is being discussed elsewhere in the blogosphere as I write and I don’t really want to get into that argument. The point that I would like to make is that the Conservatives have very little to gain by pissing off the entire national media. The article linked above is from CTV which, aside from a few reporters, is as close to being a conservative mouthpiece as we are likely to have in this country. Their coverage of Paul Martin and Stephen Harper during the election campaign was instrumental for the Conservatives and necessary for the negative turn of the tide for the Liberals.

If Harper wants to ever become a majority PM, he has to learn the lesson that Liberals learned decades ago; to use the media for what it can do, not treat it like a urinal.


Some good news…

The other day, a friend of mine who occasionally reads this here little blog, asked me if I was always angry when I wrote stuff. That had me puzzled, because I don’t consider myself an angry person and I usually bounce things around a few times so that even on issues that I feel strongly about I am not (too) rude or (too) impertinent.

Then I realized what she was picking up on – most of the things I write about are complaints and whines about this or that. Thus, I thought it was about time I posted some good news. Actually, I consider this damn good news. A study out of UCLA has just determined that smoking marijuana, even very heavily, does not measurably increase your cancer risk.

So lets either illegalize poisonous cigarettes or legalize pot so we can all smoke together. Light ’em up Sparky!