Andrew Coyne on being out of the loop

What’s a conservative reporter for the national media to do now that his erstwhile hero, Stephen “don’t let the door hit your press pAss” Harper has cut him and the rest of his ilk out of the loop? How does he reconcile his job as commentator, reporter, editorialist, and his political inclination to root for the Right guy in town? Well, if you happen to be Andrew Coyne, you mutely obey master and publicly neuter yourself to demonstrate the impotence of the press.

According to him, the only thing at stake in the dispute between the Ottawa media and the Prime Minister are a few protocol niceties that the press and public can live with or without. Besides, the press apparently doesn’t do “tough” questions anymore, so no real reporting goes on these days.

Could it be any more obvious that Coyne is vying for one of those cherished “insider” passes that Harper will hand out when he needs something dictated for a Post release?