GIGO at CanWest

It appears that CanWest Global, or FoxNorth, appears to be ready to pull out of the CP consortium. As POGGE suggests, this oughta make for some fine, balanced coverage. Their announcement also states that they will be forming their own news service, in order to more efficiently bless the fertile grounds of the international media with their brand of, uh, fertilizer. This oughta be interesting – I fully expect to see expanded coverage of Canadian issues on Fox News and WSJ south of the border, now that they have their own ilk established here. (Does this mean they are going to dump Reuters, too?)

I can only assume that CanWest was what PMS Harper was referring to when he talked about going around the Ottawa press, so this plays nicely into his hands, and into the hands of the Right in the US that would love to be able to tell stories of the takeover of the Right in their erstwhile pinko neighbour to the north.


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