London Calling…

The UK organization YouGov has released the results of a poll regarding Briton’s attitudes towards the United States.
Wow, solidarity with a fellow combatant and victim of terrorism has certainly eroded, hasn’t it?
I must confess to seeing this coming, if not directly, then just by assuming that the British in general are not complete idiots. Nor are Americans, but I’d bet that there was a higher number per capita.

Have you ever had a friend, perhaps a friend of long standing, with whom you’ve had good and bad times over the years, suddenly start doing something that is obviously harmful? Not only harmful for themselves, but for you and others as well? Do you continue to stand by your friend as she/he costs you money, or the affection and respect of other friends, or perhaps sees fit to embroil you in trouble that you would have avoided otherwise? After the third or fourth 3 a.m. call, after the second or third unwarranted physical assault, do you finally cut your losses and decide your friend is more trouble than he or she is worth?
The attack on the London transit system was a wake-up call: You may want to think about who your friends are. This poll shows that the British public has been thinking, and no amount of apology the next morning will make up for yesterday’s bloody nose.

Sooner or later, they are going to start screening their calls when they see that it’s America calling at 4 in the morning with another crazy scheme.


One thought on “London Calling…

  1. Flash, I would like to think that you are right, and that Britain will end it’s destructive co-dependency, but nations never operate on the same principals as individuals do. The US is the most powerful nation in the world even in its current weakened and discredited state. If there is one thing that Britain respects and gravitates toward, it is power, and it has been cozying up to the US since Churchill actively courted FDR during World War II, even though FDR kicked him to the curb in favour of Stalin at Yalta. There have been only a few real differences of opinion between them since then; the Suez Crisis in ’57, Vietnam, and I honestly can’t think of any since then. George W. Bush won’t be president forever (thank God for term limits) but the US will still be a powerful nation, and Britain will still find it irresistable to to suck up to Uncle Sam.


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