Places that make us think or laugh

In recent weeks we’ve posted links to a few of our favourite on-line comic strips and I thought that it might be useful to put up a list of the things that we read to spread the joy. To that end, there is now a link list entitled “Places that make us think or laugh” over on the right (or the left if we change the template again). In point of fact, many of these places make us both think and laugh, and I consider some of them the last domain of true editorial expertise in the media.

The list contains a mixed bag of mainstream comics like Superman and Dilbert and political stuff like Get your war on and others. You will also find some pretty geeky stuff in there, The Order of the Stick and Dork Tower for instance, which just goes to say that we are actually pretty geeky guys. Okay, I speak only for myself – the really geeky stuff there is mine (though Dan has his moments).

For the most part, the links in the list are work-friendly, though there are a few that use the odd bad word, so I will not guarantee that this is true for all of them. The fact of the matter is that as immature as we sometimes are, we are grown-ups and can read potty-language without falling into gales of laughter or running for our holy books and we assume that you guys can, too.

The list will evolve with the site and with our inability to keep our mines on work-oriented tasks. If anyone has stumbled across anything that you think we might like, I’d love it if you would stick it in a comment to us – horizons are all about broadening.


2 thoughts on “Places that make us think or laugh

  1. All I can say is, I’m glad Ms. Flash is a patient and tolerant lady. With exceptionally well-developed eye muscles from rolling them all the time…


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