Still more Sunday shopping

It looks like the newly “amended” Sunday shopping Act in Nova Scotia is going to be taken to court by Sobeys. The law, which was found to be full of holes a few years back when the province tried to force Pete Luckett to close Pete’s Frootique and lost, was changed in June to prevent the larger Sobeys and IGA franchises from opening. By slapping a stale-date on a law that was already found silly is a criminal waste of tax-payers money, because now we get to fork out court costs for the battle with Sobeys, which the province pretty much is guaranteed of losing.

Meanwhile, in an audio clip that you can listen to here, Rodney Mac explains that his intention is to uphold the “spirit and the intent of the plebiscite” – referring to the vote held in 2003 on the issue. Of course, the plebiscite itself was not binding and did not constitute the law, which was written up by the poo-flinging baboons in the province’s backrooms several years before. And, as discussed here before, we aren’t really sure what the intent of even the original law is anymore – it’s not to protect the Sabbath, and by allowing Pete’s Frootique to open, it isn’t to protect the little shops either. What has it accomplished? The drug stores have a wider grocery section now, and so do the gas stations.

Please, let me go to Canadian Tire on Sundays – it’s the day that I usually bust shit!


One thought on “Still more Sunday shopping

  1. I can’t remember who said it, but the spirit of their words are being upheld. He/she said that Rodney was simply putting up this facade of defending the law knowing full well that it would be challenged in court and riddled with lawyer bullets. This way he looks good to those who voted know (the majority according to the pleb.) and will see more stores open up on Sunday. Rodney knows that Nova Scotia will join the 20th century and have sunday shopping without it jepardizing his politcal future.

    Living in a Sunday shopping world in Edmonton we see clearly that family day can be any day you want it to be instead of just Sunday.

    It won’t be long before Can. Tire will be subdividing its floor space into separate entities so the Sunday busters can get relief! 😉


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