Accountability? Not so much…

Meaghan, over at Somena Media is continuing to burrow into the fiscal misdeeds of the Conservative Party. It isn’t looking pretty and I have a feeling that it’s going to get uglier. It will be interesting to see the Blogging Snories reaction to this as time goes on…


4 thoughts on “Accountability? Not so much…

  1. Farbeit for me to come up with excuses for the Cons. Unfortunately, I did notice upon scanning the spreadsheet in question that their research expenditures increased by about the same amount as the missing polling expenses. Perhaps they internally reclassified polling as research.


  2. Changing how you report expenses from one year to another would be a pretty strange thing to do on the same spreadsheet without annotating the change.


  3. Hmmm… I’m never sure how to categorize so factually wrong a statement as: “their research expenditures increased by about the same amount as the missing polling expenses.”

    Nope…not even close:
    Polling dropped by ~$720,000, and
    Research rose by ~$433,000,
    (Which was also related to focus studies on those “beep beep” commercials and promise-a-day campaign tactics.)

    Why so blatantly wrong a claim in your comment???


  4. I was looking at the orders of magnitude. One decreased by a few hundred grand, the other increased by a few hundred grand. Thus the word “about”. Chill pill.

    I agree it would be strange to suddenly decide to change the classification from one year to the next. That would point to wacky accounting (if not fraudulent accounting). We all know that Conservatives are completely unable to operate a fiscally responsible government, with the possible exception of the Albertan cons (oil anyone?). Maybe wacky accounting just come with the territory.


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