You have to respect his… chutzpah

Omar Bakri, a Syrian-born cleric and former member of the violent Muslim Brotherhood and banned from Britain because he was “not conducive to the public good”, was turned away from a British warship in Beirut yesterday, seeking escape from Lebanon.

This is the same guy that just a short while ago said this:

Q) Do you think about going back to the United Kingdom?

A) No. I do not think about that unless Britain renounces its terror laws through which it is terrorizing Muslims under the pretext of fighting terrorism. It is religiously prohibited for people like me to return to the United Kingdom, because this would fall within the framework of offering oneself as captive. Islam prohibits Muslims from allowing themselves to become captives of nonbelievers.

Oh yeah, and he also referred to the Sept. 11 terrorists as the magnificent 19. In some ways, being trapped in an Isreali bombardment, if not just, is at least poetic.


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