Give peace a chance

Condoleeza Rice, the saviour of the Republican Party in ’08 (or is the Democratic Party the saviour of the Republican Party?) is heading to the Mid East to try to help negotiate a peace. Now, I’ve been called cynical before, but if I was Hezbollah and read this, I’d have some misgivings.


3 thoughts on “Give peace a chance

  1. I guess they are all preparing to transition out of Iraq so they need another war to go to.
    And here’s me assuming it was going to be Iran!


  2. Actually, the US is being perfectly consistent. They’re sending more bombs to Israel, and offering “ceasefire” with conditions to Hezbollah. Thing is, the conditions are: complete disarmament of all fighters in Southern Lebanon.

    To me, that says “surrender or we will let the IDF bomb you into the stone age”. Somehow the media, including the NYT interpret that to mean “US seeks peace in Middle East”.



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