Not Lovin’ It…

This morning, I found an interesting New York Times article, describing a riot at a Chinese factory which makes toys for McDonald’s.

Perhaps now we will have ‘Unhappy Meals’?
‘Labour Unrest Shakes’?
‘Starvation Wage Burgers’?
‘Chicken Nuggets O’ Dignity’?

Somehow, I don’t think the marketing department at Mickie D’s will go for it.


4 thoughts on “Not Lovin’ It…

  1. The rights groups accused the factory of violating Chinese labor laws, including provisions limiting overtime to 36 hours a month. Instead, the group said, total overtime per worker can reach 70 hours a month, and workers can have their pay deducted if they refuse to work the extra hours. Workers earn $71.75 a month, the minimum wage in Dongguan, but also pay a quarter of their earnings for room and board, the group said.

    They really should start calling these people indentured servants rather than simply ‘workers’.


  2. Good one Kevvy! I suddenly went dry after four items, but additions to the list are welcomed and encouraged!

    Briguy, I hear you, things like this should illustrate how even the most inane actions on our part, like eating fast food, effects people in far-flung corners of the world. Unfortunately, most of the world continues chewing in a fat-filled haze of ignorance.


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