This has not been a good day.


4 thoughts on “Undoubtedly

  1. There is a way – but we’re not doing it. One of the major problems the Soviets faced was the support the Mujahadeen received from the US, Saudi Arabia, and most critically from Pakistan. There is little doubt in my mind that the Taliban still receives support from the madrassahs in Pakistan and maybe indirectly the government, and we haven’t stopped this.

    Can we is an open question, but without doing so the mission is bound to fail. (In my opinion.)


  2. Exactly Kevvyd. I’d love to send Gordo and Stevie a copy of “Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll so could understand what its like over there. Except they wouldn’t read it…too busy playing golf in Cornwall to attend funerals in Montreal.


  3. Mike,
    I think it might have been you that suggested that book some months ago. I read it and it’s tremendous and I owe you thanks.


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