Damascus, ho!

Somehow, I missed this last month. Rumsfeld’s little drummer boy (General Abizaid…note to LGFers: He’s not a terrorist, despite his last name) laid the media groundwork last month for a march on Damascus.

“I believe there are more foreign fighters coming into Iraq than there were six months ago,” Gen Abizaid told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He said suicide bombers from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco were entering Iraq via Syria, joining others from Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

“I would say there is a clear node inside Syria which facilitates it. Whether or not the Syrian government is facilitating it or ignoring it is probably a debatable question, but the key node is Damascus,” he said.

My emphasis. Whether or not his assertions are true are a moot point. I hate to be a cynic, but I fully expect an unsupportable (personnel-wise, let alone the shaky justifications an invasion will be based on) expansion in the war effort sometime around, say, mid-September to October. The fact that there are midterms in November has nothing to do with my timing estimate. As always, I hope I’m wrong, and I’m sure certain people are cheering for me to be right.


One thought on “Damascus, ho!

  1. Cunning plan – now they have two reasons to invade Syria!

    I wonder how long it will be before they find out how hard it is to pin down a nation that really does have an army and really does have an active terrorist program? Not to mention a government bloody-minded enough to actually put down the Muslim Brotherhood, at least for a while.

    But, as you allude to; the purpose of the invasion might well be November, after which there is no consideration in the mind of Rove. See six months ahead, forget six months back; all else is air and twaddle.


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