With the Democrats, nothing is in the bag…

With the Democrats a mile ahead in most polls and even Necropublican commentators on Larry King last night whimpering that anything short of a rout for the Democrats would make them seem like pathetic losers, John Kerry, oh yes, that John Kerry, finally gave the Necropublicans a talking point. If you haven’t seen it, John Kerry answered a question about education today by inferring that if you don’t get one, you end up in Iraq. Here’s the video clip:

Natch, the Necropublicans, sensing blood in the water, and what’s more, blood in the water involving their favorite fetish -> other people dying for them on foreign soil, have jumped on it. George Bush says:

Even in the midst of a heated campaign season, there are still some things we should all be able to agree on, and one of the most important is that every one of our troops deserves our gratitude and respect

which of course, on its face, is true. However if I was in the military, what I would ask for more than anything, even more than respect, is to not be sent to die in a foreign country except for very, very good reasons. Bush is as he was, a fraud, an eight-year-old playing leader.

And John Kerry, for his part, is as he was, probably well meaning, but stilted and ultimately ineffectual.

If Taylor Marsh is right, here is what he meant to say:

I can’t overstress the importance of a great education. Do you know where you end up if you don’t study, if you aren’t smart, if you’re intellectually lazy? You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq.

If Democrats take no other solace from this incident – it should effectively end a Kerry bid in 2008.

Update: I note that Taylor Marsh links to Kerry’s “explanation” – an apology and an attach together. Not too badly done, actually.


Norman Spector: Asshole

I don’t really care that he called Belinda Stronach a bitch, as she has proven that she can defend herself from piss-ants like him and Peter MacKay. However, Spector then went on to say that the MacKay remarks would not have been an issue for so long if it weren’t for the fact that “half the Press Gallery now are women and women find this very offensive”. So the real issue for him is that women are getting just a little too close to the Old Boys’ Club; revealing comments from a political has-been.

It’s fun to watch these low-self-esteem shrimp-dicks fall apart when faced with a strong, (apparently) capable woman.


I’m Going to Hide Under the Bed Now.

The New York Times Magazine has an interesting article about the potential for nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.
The only thing more frightening than a pyromaniac with a match is a pyromaniac with a can of gas, a box of matches, and no fear of dying.


Ahoy, Kaptain Karl!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen the SS BushCo, under the steady, if sweaty hand of Kaptain Karl, release the fear torpedo in an attempt to change the debate in the last weeks of mid-term campaigning from degenerate Republicans to fear of terrorists. With increasing military deaths in Iraq and a greater portion of the public finally beginning to understand that they’ve been hood-winked, it didn’t go as planned.

The next phase of the operation has just begun to play itself out – fear of faggotry. Yup, in order to attempt to win back some of the eroding Christian Right that appears to be a little more reluctant to hop aboard the boat, the Kaptain and his mascot “Skippy” Bush, have traipsed out gay marriage (of all things) as their wedge-du-jour:

“Activist judges try to define America by court order,” Bush told the crowd of 4,000 at Silver Creek High School, flanked by local Rep. Mike Sodrel, R-Ind., who is running for re-election. “Just this week in New Jersey, another activist court issued a ruling that raises doubt about the institution of marriage. We believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

At that, the crowd went wild, members shouting “USA,” stomping feet and shaking pompoms.

Setting aside the simplistic, not to say silly “doubts about marriage” comment, it appears that Karl’s new tack is to conflate gay marriage with patriotism somehow. Go Karl!

The Necropublicans have arranged for constitutional ammendments (a favoured tactic these days) on gay marriage on the ballots in eight states. Enraging those easily enraged about such things will, Karl hopes, drum up the Republican voters in at least these eight states; a ploy that worked well in 2004. The real question is whether it will be enough for 2006. My bet is that over the next week we will also see Terri Schiavo raised as an undead minion of the Republican Party and maybe even Creationists getting a piece of the fun.

Even still, it might not be enough. The Christian Right has not received the treatment they had hoped for in 2000. Faith-based initiatives have gone under- or un-funded, gay marriage is not yet illegal, and abortions can still be had in many places. And dagnabitall, kids can still buy condoms without having to get a signature from their parents! This time around, they might well sit on their hands, if only to show the Kaptain that they can’t be taken for granted.

Indeed, a low turnout in the mid-terms might well increase their strength and importance leading up to 2008.


And so it begins…

The Nova Scotia provincial government begins its fall sitting today, and it is bound to be a tumultuous beginning. Premier Rodney has a slimmer minority than last spring, the MLA’s all have fatter salaries and there is a health-care strike in the offing. Just how these three forces play out against each other is going to be interesting.

First, the minority. Unless MacDonald does something really stupid, his government should be able to ride for at least a short time. The Liberal party is leaderless (I know, why should it be any different than during the last election campaign) and won’t select a new leader until sometime next year. The analogy with the federal situation is direct – the Conservatives can soil themselves publicly and the Liberals will just pretend nothing happened. Probably. The only real difference is that unlike his federal counterpart, the interim leader of the NS Liberals, Michel Samson, is by all accounts capable. That fact alone might embolden the party to hold the Conservatives to task, so it might well get interesting. With important issues presenting themselves immediately, it will be easy to Samson’s temperature quickly. As for Darryl Dexter, he will be anxious to demonstrate that the NDP are in fact a government-in-waiting and will try to show some space between NDP and Conservative policies. While the government might receive some support issue-to-issue from the NDP, they will not be able to rely on rope thrown from that direction indefinitely, and bowlines and nooses look similar when your thrashing around in panic.

An “independent” commission over the summer suggested that Nova Scotia MLA’s should receive a 21% raise to bring them in line with other provinces. Which naturally, rejecting any accusation that the provincial government is in fact a financial basket case, they have accepted, and now they receive a base salary of ~ 80K.

It will be interesting to see how the current members of the assembly defend a 21% raise when they face a union of 6,600 healthcare workers demanding something on the order of one-tenth of that. Combine this with the fact that the real issue in the strike might not be salaries, but that the government has been skimming pension contributions for ten years (to the tune of $90 million now), this strike has the possibility of being ugly and long.

Readers will remember that Danny Millions in Newfoundland and Labrador faced a similar strike early in his tenure as premier. However Danny had the benefit of a majority government and balls. If Rodney had demonstrated the existence of the latter, he might well have one the former last spring.


Underfed rabbits from worn-thin hats…

But it’s not a Necropublican electoral trick, honest:

Coalition naval forces in the Gulf are on watch for possible terror threats to oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Western naval officials said Friday.

However, if you read right to the very end of the article, you’ll see it for the bullshit that it really is:

On Friday, light sweet crude for December delivery fell 10 cents to $60.26 a barrel.