Clear Verbiage Left Behind Act

I am really getting tired of this US administration’s compunction to give names to things that are seemingly opposed to their purpose. You know, calling the de-regulation of emmission controls the “Clear Skies Act” or similarly, restricting funding to schools using something called the “No Child Left Behind Act”. At some level of course this is pure salesmanship – the average voter is not going to vote for the party that brings them the “Choke and Die Poor Trash Act”, but you would think that they would want to at least appear credible on the international scene.

Apparently not. The Senate has just approved a bill to restrict those that do business with Iran until it gives up it’s “nuclear ambitions”. And the title? The Iran Freedom and Support Act.

I will forego the discussion that the purpose of the bill is to punish companies that aid and abet Iran’s nuclear program by doing business with them, as it would appear churlish of me to suggest that the reason the Iranians have a nuclear program in the first place is that the Americans (the Republicans, ahem) gave it to the Shah in the mid-70’s.

6 thoughts on “Clear Verbiage Left Behind Act

  1. Boys, boys, boys…

    How can you say such things about the Republican leadership? And without mentioning the fact that the Republican heading up the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus just resigned on account of it turns out he was sending feelthy IM’s to 16 year-old-boys….


  2. Dan,
    That guy’s job was to provide exploited children, you see. I’m thinking that the Daily Show is going to be a must-see tonight.


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