Is it just me?

Or do other people find it just a little too convenient that Mark Foley has checked himself into a rehab centre? I know that it’s possible that people can be privately alcoholic and all, but this is just too unassailable a defense to be believed.

Karl Rove is worth his (considerable) weight in oil. Now all he has to do is keep the right-wingers from trying too hard to blame this dickhead’s pedophilia on his homosexuality, at least until mid-terms are done.


9 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Right wingers are convinced that ALL gay and lesbians make a lifestyle CHOICE to be gay or lesbian. Fundamentalist christians do not believe that their god would have allowed someone to be born gay and then condemn it in the Book of Leviticus – so to resolve that possibible conflict, they believe it is a lifestyle decision which could be reversed if the individual wanted to.

    So for someone like Foley who may (or may not) be gay, there must be some reason for his behaviour – and being an alcholic is a handy cover.


  2. The Scientologists, huh? This really is just about the most fucked up thing I’ve read about since coming ashore. Has the world been this weird the last few months?


  3. Ooh, thanks for that, Dan. It’s beautiful – he offers up this abuse past and then in the next breath says that it had nothing to do with the emails and that he takes “full responsibility” for them. What a man! Well, if his past really had nothing to do with it, why bring it up at all? Oh yeah, Rove. Always, Rove…

    Spin, spin, spin…


  4. Kev,

    Welcome back… it’s been a while and I almost gave up on you. Good to know you’re in the land of the living. Expect (and live in terror of) my comments on a daily basis.


  5. To set the record straight, Foley is not a Scientologist.
    He has now admitted he is gay, I believe him.
    He supposedly has entered rehab for alcoholism, I don’t believe it.
    I think this is a Rove move to keep him away from the media,
    and let him take as much of the blame as the media will allow.
    He’s skated so close to the line of pedophilia I suspect he’s crossed it,
    but let’s look at the evidence.

    He may have been abused by a priest as a youngster, we don’t know.
    I think his behaviour is consistent with that story.

    Bottom line, let’s hang him with the rope he’s given us, there’s enough of it.


  6. And the rope just keeps puddling around his feet. ABC has released full transcripts of some of the chat line conversations and it appears that, contrary to his lawyer’s statement to the contrary, Foley got together with at least one of his catamites.


  7. People are now talking about THE LIST.
    Seems likely that THE LIST is from the website BlogActive. In the space of about two minutes of surfing, I’ve seen THE LIST blamed on the Dems, the gay Repubs, and the Gays. The BlogActive LIST has apparently been alive since July 2004, but it is surfacing now as a means to stir up the conservative electorate, as backlash against your choice of (1)gay Republicans, (2)gay staffers working in Congress for Republicans, (3)Democrats trying to out gay Republicans. In other words, “they” are trying to blame this on anyone but the Republican leadership.


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