Sunday shopping coming soon to Nova Scotia…

I’m not exactly sure how long it will be before I can actually shop on Sunday, but the Nova Scotia Supreme Court has just struck down the Sunday shopping law as it is currently written. According to a press release just out of the Premier’s office:

In response to a Supreme Court decision today, Oct. 4, regarding Sunday shopping, the province will amend regulations that restricted retail stores from opening on Sundays and holidays.

“The Supreme Court decision is clear,” said Premier Rodney MacDonald. “We will not be appealing the court decision, and we will not be looking for other ways to enforce Sunday shopping restrictions in Nova Scotia.”

The premier said regulations restricting Sunday shopping will be amended to be effective this Sunday, Oct. 8.

The province’s decision means that retail store openings will not be restricted by the government.

Retails stores of all types may choose to open on Sundays and other holidays,
with the exception of Remembrance Day.

“If we are going to have Sunday shopping in Nova Scotia for grocery stores, we will not be drawn into a situation where government must decide what is a grocery store and what is not.

The rules will be the same for all retail outlets, creating a level playing field for all retailers in Nova Scotia, regardless of what they sell,” said Premier MacDonald.
Protection for retail workers already in place will be extended to other workers affected by this decision.

“Government has gone to a considerable effort to maintain this unique part of Nova Scotia life. The court has made its decision, and in many respects, so have Nova Scotians, on this issue.”

This will no doubt make some people unhappy, but not me.

16 thoughts on “Sunday shopping coming soon to Nova Scotia…

  1. It’s about time!!! Too bad I had to leave the province before the NS government finally gave up the losing battle. Enjoy your new found freedom! Living in Alberta, over the past year, I certainly have taken advantage of shopping on Sunday and I do not feel morally corrupted. I still go to church.


  2. Bri,

    I will grant you an “I called it” on this one, but I’m not going to let you claim Delphic abilities for declaring that Iraq is going to get worse.

    Sorry, it’s just too easy.

    Here’s one for me – sometime in the next year, this government or the next will try to figure out a way to declare Afghanistan a victory so we can pull out without breaking the 100-dead mark. I’m not sure if we’re going to pop a $20 million dollar Victory Party, but we will leave. I won’t go so far as to say that a government will fall on this issue, but I would not be surprised.


  3. Ooh! I have one:

    The Penguins will relocate to one of four cities currently lacking an NHL team: Hamilton (most likely), Winnipeg, Quebec, or Toronto. They will, of course, be renamed the Blackberries.


  4. Oooo – that’s a nasty shot at the Leafs! As a Montreal Canadian fan – I salute you, sir! Has the new owner said that he’ll move the team?


  5. Naw. Officially, there’s some deal between the city and the Pens involving a new arena and slot machine revenues. Bettman is basically holding a gun to the mayor’s head saying “if you build it, we will stay”. It’s all very complicated, but if certain financiers back out of the slot machine deal, there’ll be no new arena, and the Pens will skip town. IMO. With a new owner, the mayor can politically shift the blame over the loss of the team. Everyone saves face, except some relatively unknown (to Americans) rich Canadian dude who “stole our team”. God, these backroom strategists show streaks of brilliance sometimes. 🙂

    I don’t think the RIM CEO is part of any deal to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh, although any deal like this (save the Nordiques sale) usually includes false assurances that the team will stay.

    He’s previously tried to get a team to Hamilton, but there’s the whole bullshit Buffalo problem involved there. Speaking of crappy teams, Chicago also has a large enough market for a real NHL team. So add Chicago to my list of possible locations.


  6. I was laying quiet while you bastards slagged the Leafs, but after watching them pull the wings off of the Senators tonight I thought I might just suggest another city you could put on the list…

    Hi Flash!


  7. why get rid of the hockey team? They’re the only Senators in Ottawa that are actually doing any work.

    I wouldn’t start the Stanley Cup celebration dance yet there – yes they did well tonight, but they tanked almost as badly the previous game. How about that Gill? Wasn’t he just streaking up the ice?


  8. I was laying quiet while you bastards slagged the Leafs, but after watching them pull the wings off of the Senators tonight I thought I might just suggest another city you could put on the list…

    C’mon, Kevvy, you know I’m a Leafs fan. Unfortunately, I’m also a realist. They’ll be lucky to end up 10th in the east this year.

    I’m on fire with my hockey predictions! Chicago beat Nashville 8-6 last night, with 4 goals in the 3rd. Freaky. My only explanation is that hockey players must read Blevkog, and the Leafs and Hawks felt they had something to prove after I slagged them. Running on that theory, let me try something (for you, Paul and Dan):

    Montreal! You suck! You are so going to be blown away by the Sabres tonight! You might as well not even bother lacing up! Losers!


  9. Okay, here’s a prediction: the Leafs will make it to the second round of the playoffs this year. That will be approximately one round more than Ottawa and one round less than Montreal.

    Bri – I know you’re a Leafs’ fan, but fall is not the time for cynicism; save it for spring!


  10. Sigh.

    Already the Sens start toying with my affections.

    Yes, the ‘Star Goaltender’ really came through last night, didn’t he?
    Martin ‘five-hole’ Gerber.
    Well unlike Hasek, there’s no suspense. That’ll help my blood pressure this season.
    I might have to follow Chara and become a Bruins fan.


  11. Bri,
    good call on the predictions, however, I predict Montreal will still be ahead of the Maple buds at the end of the season.

    btw at last check montreal was up 2-1 against Buffalo in the second period. I hope I didn’t just jinx them. oops


  12. Yeah, Bri – you’re right, Montreal truly does suck. It’s really embarassing to be a Montreal fan right now – the only thing worse is to be a fan of the team they beat 3-2 Saturday night – can anyone tell me who they were again?


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