A Tale of 1000 Arabian Nights….by Robert Fisk

Sometimes I really wonder at the arrogance, naivity(e?), and stupidity of those of us in the West. The fairy tales, told by both the Bush and Blair Administrations (and their attendants – the corporate media), have worn so very thin that I really cannot understand how, or why, anyone still believes their white-washed version of the situation in the Middle East. Check out this article by Robert Fisk posted on Znet. http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=22&ItemID=11153 .
It pretty much lays down the situation as it stands, how predictable the current state of affairs was, and why they are as they are. I’d like to make some deeply insightful commentary here, but I’d say Fisk already makes it in the article. Maybe Kev could come up with something clever to say….. but I am speechless, except for: “Yeah, what he (Fisk) said…”


One thought on “A Tale of 1000 Arabian Nights….by Robert Fisk

  1. You pin it correctly when you call it “naivety”.

    Fisk is right – school for the West is only now in session, now that the wars we fought “over there” are so easily brought to our front lawn.


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