Who Asked for Some Good News?

My Esteemed and Earnest Colleague Kevvyd recently bemoaned the lack of good news lately, so I thought I’d share some for him – namely, that the forces of light are making some headway, in places like
Michigan and Ohio where State Education Boards have rejected the notion of teaching Intelligent Design in biology classes. Quote

Gregory Forbes, a community college biology instructor, said it appears the “doors have been shut” on those in Michigan who support the teaching of intelligent design as a viable scientific alternative to evolution.

“To suggest intelligent design is a scientific theory is inappropriate because it is not testable. … It hasn’t earned its way into the science classroom,” he said.


4 thoughts on “Who Asked for Some Good News?

  1. Thanks, Blevkog, I needed some good news, too. I’m feeling a little world-weary today…this was a bit of a pick-me-up!


  2. Nice. It’s a pleasure to see the facts laid out in such a straightforward way. It’s the kind of thing that will definitely bring a smile to one’s face.
    Thanks, Dan!


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