Coming real soon to an ad break near you – Fear, Fear Itself

Gary Trudeau still has it. This week’s Doonesbury he has introduced a new character to the Bush campaign, Fear Itself.

And right on cue, this weekend marks the launch of the Republican Party’s series of campaign ads based on, you guessed it… terror attacks. It worked in ’02 and ’04, so Rove must be hoping it will be three times lucky. They really have little choice. With the ass completely out of the polls, the war in the tank, pedophiles running the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, appreciable chunks of the evangelical right turning their backs, and no single person to swift boat, only lunging past the brain stems of the voters can possibly work this time. Well, there are a few more tricks that they can pull out of their hats, but they’re essentially riffing on the same topic.

Not that there is any real worry – they’ve always got Diebold in their corner. Does anyone know how many states are using them this time around?


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