The GOP breaks out their old buddy…

Gary Trudeau still has it. This week’s Doonesbury has introduced a new character to the Bush campaign, Fear Itself.

Right on cue, with all else going to hell for the GOP, this weekend marks the launch of the Republican Party’s series of campaign ads based on, you guessed it… terror attacks. It worked in ’02 and ’04, so Rove must be hoping it three times lucky. They really have no choice; being a mid-term election, there is no single candidate to swift boat this time, so only a broad-based lunge past the brain stem of the American voter will suffice. Desperate, yes! But there really is no other hope for the Republicans aside, except for few things from this list that Karl might actually have penned himself.

Not that there is any real worry – they’ve always got Diebold in their corner. Does anyone know how many states are using them this time around?


One thought on “The GOP breaks out their old buddy…

  1. Not only do you have a commentary on the tactics the GOP is using, but you get a lovely tongue-in-cheek reference to FDR – a president who actually did some things for the people of the US.


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