Conservatives’ conservation pork

Heather Foley Melvin was hand-picked right after last spring’s election to head up Nova Scotia’s new energy conservation agency by Premier Fiddler. She was in fact hand-picked without a formal competition, which under normal circumstances would imply astounding “lucky to have her at any price” qualities. In her case, that price is a $131,000 pa three year contract with the provincial government – pretty nice walkin’ about change in a burg like Halifax. You might even be able to unpack your suitcase on the peninsula!

And the qualities? Well, it goes without saying that her background as a Mazda Canada regional manager makes her uniquely-qualified to run an energy conservation agency. I mean what do graduates from university that wasted their time studying public policy or the environment have to offer over a car salesperson?

Oh, and did I mention that she was also The Fiddler’s former Chief of Staff? Yup, she helped him shrink his minority, a conservation effort of sorts, I suppose.

Rodney – word up: this is the kind of shit you pull when you have a majority government. Doing stuff like this makes it less likely that you’re going to get the chance to find out, thankfully.

3 thoughts on “Conservatives’ conservation pork

  1. I’m sure there are many people with actual knowledge of the environment & conservation that would be worth the $131K price tag. The question is, does the Public Accounts Committee have the a. power and b. gumption to give her the boot?


  2. After hearing NDP Graham Steele GRILL her on CBC radio yesterday, I have a new respect for the man. I wish he were in my riding so I could vote for him. The guy knows his stuff. I could not believe that she refused to answer some of his questions! What part of “civil servant” does she not understand??

    I don’t see any choice she would have other than to resign.


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