A shorter Richard Perle…

If only we’d known that Bush was an idiot back then…

I’m starting to get a little tired of the “if only we knew then what we know now” arguments from the fucking idiot neo-cons that danced the US into Iraq. Just say you fucked up and that you’re sorry, no if’s and’s or but’s. And then never open your pie holes ever again.

I know it must really rot their scrota for us peaceniks to have been right all along, and it’s for that reason that they have to couch their mea culpas in “if only’s”. If only the war had gone like we’d planned there would be roses and rainbows in Iraq. If only the war had gone like we’d planned, crystal streams of oil would flow for all eternity from artesian wells. The “if only” argument is just another way of saying “right war, wrong implementation” and I’m sick of it. The war was a farce from day 1 – Saddam had no WMDs and didn’t have bin Laden in his Rolodex. And to boot, took the West’s eye off of the ball in Afghanistan – which really did have a relationship with ObL.

It was a voluntary war started for expressly imperialistic means and it went really, really badly, as it was bound to do. A draft-dodging asshat like W was not ever going to be able to convince enough people to buy into his war president act and those neo-con prima donnas should have known it from the beginning. An outside observer like me saw it, why the hell couldn’t they? Oh yeah, blinded by the Haliburton returns.

Dicks, every one of ’em.


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