When we want our candidates to have an opinion…

We’ll give them one. Or, at least this seems to be the position of the Regressive Conservative party regarding their by-election candidate in London. Local candidate, Dianne Haskett, former mayor, has not made any public statements nor granted interviews to anyone. It’s a little strange that it’s the Liberal candidate bringing this up, but it’s obvious that he believes that if she gets to answer questions publicly, her evangelical leanings will scare away more voters than it will attract.

PM Cartman’s office refused to answer direct questions about her candidacy, however his bag man director of communications (*snicker*) said:

“Since taking office our government has consistently communicated our positions and fulfilment of campaign promises,” Harper’s director of communications, Sandra Buckler, instead responded by e-mail.

“Conservative candidates in the upcoming by-elections have an opportunity to communicate a clear message to the citizens of the ridings where the by-elections are being held. Vote for a candidate that will be a part of a government that gets things done for families and taxpayers.”

In other words, Ms. Hackett is doing just as she’s told. And so should you.


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