George and God

George Bush’s connection with the Almighty is becoming more evident in recent days. US State Department officials believe that Fidel Castro has cancer and French intelligence officials believe that Osama bin Laden might have died in August of typhoid fever.

Yep, George Bush: bringing the war on terror to America’s enemies one natural cause at a time.

3 thoughts on “George and God

  1. Life During Wartime
    Dubyahoo indicates in Sunday’s radio address that someone in the Whitehouse pondered the scenario of last week’s midterm elections being suspended because of the war in Iraq. Whether this is only a rhetorical flourish or something that was joked about or even just wishful thinking in hindsight, it shows that Dubyahoo needs some fresh blood in the inner circle to vett his speeches.

    He still doesn’t verbally acknowledge Pelosi as speaker-elect of the House. Does he find it difficult to deal with women who disagree with him? Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of the Speaker-Elect, was on the 2000 campaign trail with Dubyahoo; maybe he’s still PO’d that Alexandra turned her home movies into a documentary.


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