Bush Was Right

Everyone might have already heard/seen this, but it’s a great watch in hindsight. I can almost picture George sitting back, flicking this on, and day-dreaming about that glorious time before he began to realize that everything he touched turned to shit.

I haven’t heard if they (The Right Brothers) have updated the song or not, but I doubt it. So here is “Bush Was Right”, for your listening (and ironic) pleasure.

How about “Bush Was Right, But Reality Was All Wrong” for a reprise?


7 thoughts on “Bush Was Right

  1. I started out laughing, then I realized they weren’t Weird Al style satirists, and my face went sorta blank 😐

    That’s so sad how some people are so detached from reality that they’ll cheerlead a person like Bush.


  2. I Googled them and found their website. Within seconds on clicking on it, I was assaulted with their song ‘I’m in love with Ann Coulter’ – these sort of sites should have warning screens like Porn Sites do (or so I’ve heard….)


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