I have been tapped

McGuire has “tapped” me to identify five things that readers of this blog don’t know about me. Here’s a quick list:

1) I like poetry.
2) I hate poets.
3) I believe that points 1) and 2) are not only not contradictory, but follow.
4) I have a dog that I named after my favorite beer.
5) I dream fondly of the day that I no longer need a vehicle and can rely on my running shoes and bicycle for transportation.

and as the kind of bonus you can only expect here at blevkog,

6) I believe in God and heed his prophets Bob and Frank.

I do not like chain letters or pyramids of any kind and so I won’t pass this one on. However, if any of the other writers here wish to post a list of their own, the forum is yours…


2 thoughts on “I have been tapped

  1. tell me more
    If you like poetry, but not poets, I’m curious how you decide to dislike an individual poet. How many poets does it take to develop a dislike of poets? Let’s see, Gary Snyder, Charles Bukowski, E.E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, Margaret Atwood, Dorothy Livesay. Like their poetry? Dislike the poets? How about Yoda’s paraphrase of Bukowski – “If you spend all your time trying, then all you’re doing is trying. So don’t try. Just do.”


  2. I don’t know that I’d be able to describe exactly what draws me to a specific poet any more than I could anything else. At least not in a few words. I’m no poet :). However, my point is not that I like some poets over others, which obviously is true, but that with rare exception I take a personal dislike to poets; even those that I enjoy reading. Take Margaret Atwood – I have read her poetry since high school and think she is better at that than she is a novelist. However, anytime I hear her interviewed, her “old wisdom” and “been there, done that” manner make me want to scream.

    I think that my feelings on poetry (the art) and poets (the artist) generalize my feelings on art and artists: the product can be wonderful, but (in my mind) the personality driven to create the art is usually intolerable. Hate the artist, love the art.

    Note that I keep inserting things like “in my mind” in this discussion, because I really think that this is just me.


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