Rodney MacDonald is unlikely to call an election anytime soon…

Premier Rodney MacDonald has admitted that hiring car marketer Heather Foley Melvin as head of Conserve Nova Scotia has cost him politically. Later in the same press conference, he also noted that rain comes from clouds, the Leafs will probably not win the Cup, and the Halifax School Board is composed of whiny, childish idiots.

However, he did not address the question of how his popularity (24% in the most recent poll) manages to be below that of a certain lame-duck, draft-dodging, president that has lead his country into a war that has killed 3,000 of his own electorate and spent them into a trillion dollar deficit.

2 thoughts on “Rodney MacDonald is unlikely to call an election anytime soon…

  1. The Nova Scotia Liberals really need to find a good leader, because if they could get that I think the political situation might be open to a resurgence. They’ve got a traditional base of support that’s only started straying recently, and Dexter, however capable, just hasn’t been able to close the deal with the public yet.


  2. Politics in Nova Scotia is an interesting mess right now. The NDP have a solid-looking lock on Metro and are getting surprisingly stronger in the country, but I think they are vulnerable if the right opponent comes along. There is a reluctance here among many to vote NDP because some here still vote as they were born. That is changing. The Liberals are dead in the water for now, but I think the right leader could revitalize them quickly. The only hope for the Tories is either for MacDonald to suddenly stop step-dancing on his dick or that he gets back-stabbed and replaced late some evening.

    I have a feeling that a quick election would go in the favour of the NDP, but time might be on the Liberal’s side. For that reason, I expect to see the Liberals and PC’s staving off any real threat to the Premier for the next little while.


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