Following the Example

of my colleagues, here are my five facts:

1. I am equally amazed and bewildered at the fact that there exists a Patron Saint of the Internet

2. Not only am I not the President, I’m not even a

3. While I’m unsure as to the actual existence of God and Heaven, I sincerely hope there’s a Hell, just so there’s a place for Telemarketers, Augusto Pinochet, and the people who run Airport concessions.

4. I think this whole 70’s revival thing has gone too far.

5. Finally, I hate these chain letter tags BS…


One thought on “Following the Example

  1. I was a reporter in Ottawa back in those days. That was before the fortress mentality took hold. It wasn’t unusual to see PT and his then missus at a popular Rideau street deli chowing down with the plebs. These guys once strolled down the streets, cruised the shops. That was then, this is now.


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