Baby want sookie!

As an addendum to yesterday’s post on the firing of the HRM school board, CBC reports this morning that the outgoing members will continue to receive their annual stipend. Debra Barlow, the former vice chair simpered:

Unless Ms. Casey (the Minister) can prove the case as to why I or any other individual was removed, then we certainly deserve our stipend

The stipend, while modest, can not be said to have actually been earned over the last year, so in my mind should the outgoing members not only not continue to receive it, they should in fact give back any already received. According to the minister, the continuation of the stipend is a decision made in conjunction with the school board, the association, and the department. I assume we will hear of a belated coal in the stocking in the New Year.

As a post-script to this sordid affair, I am troubled that elected officials have been overthrown for an appointee, however this group has not been serving its constituency and deserves no better. For that reason, it’s unfortunate that the province or municipality will not allow a byelection to refill all of the seats before the scheduled municiple elections in 2008, but that is the way of it.


2 thoughts on “Baby want sookie!

  1. I heard on the radio this morning that two of the members will not accept the stipend. I don’t recall which two, but I’d assume they probably weren’t the loudest babies in the room.


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