Baby want sookie! Part 2 of ?

Given the childishness of the Halifax Regional School Board over the past year, should it be any surprise that they would threaten legal action against the Minister when she pulled the soothers from their mouths? Claiming that others are consulting lawyers, as of right now it is only Wade Marshall that has openly threatened court action, saying:

I’ve done nothing wrong. I haven’t done the things that the minister is accusing me of doing. That’s wrong. And she is going to be held accountable and this government will be held accountable

It was him, Daddy, him! I didn’t do it, it was him!

The article goes on to suggest that other members of the board are being invited to participate in the court proceedings, which is kind of funny. I mean, these guys couldn’t agree on where to sit for chrissakes, I’d be surprised if they could agree on the existence of gravity. I hope the law firm they hire has a good on-site day care. When asked for comment, Debra Barlow, former member said:

Certainly, if the stipend is withdrawn I’m sure that there will probably be legal action for unjust dismissal

In other words – kick me off the board and take away my duties, fine, but take away my money and watch out! It’s nice to see someone admit to what the real issue is. What’s most surprising is that Barlow would admit that the core reason she took the position with the board in the first place was a paltry $8200 per year.

To his credit, Gin Yee is going to give his stipend, if it is continued, back to the school board – good on him. If other members want to run again in ’08, perhaps they can follow his example.


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