The Ballad of Poor Little Rona

Sometimes, I don’t know where stuff like the following comes from, I really don’t.
I certainly don’t think Ms. Ambrose is blameless in her forced relocation to Intergovernmental Affairs (I may actually get to meet her at some point, and I’m not sure how I feel about that), but the following worked better laying the blame on Steve – better to blame the ventriloquist…
(I’m guessing you can all figure out the tune is from the Beverly Hillbillies)

Well, listen to my story ’bout a gal named Rona,

She had a PM that would not leave her alone-a

Wherever she went, he would hang on like a leech,

And completely disrupt the environmental speech.

Air that is,

Brown Lungs,

Acid Rains

Well the first thing you know there arose a great kerfuffle,

And the poor little lady was the victim of a shuffle,

The whole darn thing busted Rona’s little bubble,

In another six months she’ll be fetching double doubles.

Coffee that is,

Timbits and honey crullers.


3 thoughts on “The Ballad of Poor Little Rona

  1. Unfortunately, the country seems to be united on that very question far too often.
    I think Ms. Ambrose had the best of intentions, but she was micro-managed out of a job.


  2. It’s interesting that Harper is bringing one of his big guns into the department now. I seriously doubt that Baird will bring real program change because he will still have Harper pulling the strings, but he will argue more strenuously.


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