Cape Breton Independence?

I couldn’t help but notice that the inaugural meeting of the newest Cape Breton independence group brought in about a dozen adherents last night. Might I suggest that the next meeting be held on the mainland? You’ll get a better turnout.

Sorry Flash.


4 thoughts on “Cape Breton Independence?

  1. Kev,
    If this is the best anyone can muster to deal with CB’s woes, they deserve to be ignored. Having grown up there, I’m the first to admit that the problems on the island are always someone else’s fault – the culture of ‘mainland blaming’ is entrenched. This idiocy just indicates that they’ve run out of ideas. Does anyone seriously think they’ll be better off running things themselves?
    Dan: At least they could enlist the members of the Cougar Club to their cause.


  2. Flash,
    What do they call male cougars? I ask because I was there in the fall for a few beers and that’s what the place was full of.



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