Descending to Their Level…

Much noise is being made on the CBC News, the Chronicle-Herald and the Daily News, and from as far away as Vancouver, about the mob scene involving American “Race Realist” Jared Taylor’s forceful ejection from the room he rented to share his incredibly backward and xenophobic views on race relations here in Halifax. He rented the conference room at a local hotel (under an assumed name) in response to his de-invitation from a conference at Dalhousie University, at which he was scheduled to debate on racial diversity. Evidently not happy that he could spout his idiocy on someone else’s nickel, he decided to pay for it himself.

The accounts indicate that the audience at the outset was made up entirely of protesters and journalists. Not exactly the audience he was hoping for, I’m sure. In the TV story that I saw, however, some of the white chaps in the audience didn’t strike me as either journalists or protesters, quite frankly. In fact, a few were hiding their faces, but not necessarily out of a desire to protest anonymously, rather to participate and hide the associated shame. This is, of course, pure speculation.

Let me make this perfectly clear: Taylor is a racist, and the most disgusting type of racist at that: the type who try to cloak their medieval superstitions in ‘scientific theory’.

Notwithstanding, I think that when the protesters decided it was ok to take hold of him and chuck him out of the room, they were wrong. And, yes, it is that black and white, if you’ll pardon the expression.

Any time one group decides that another has no right to be heard is when we cross the line into fascism. I understand and sympathize with the motivations of the protesters, and I would have been denouncing this idiot right along with them – but silencing him is not the answer. With ‘theories’ like these, the best and most effective way to humiliate him is to let him speak. He can do a far better job in discrediting himself than we could ever do.

Which is why I think Dalhousie was also wrong to turf him from the debate. Debate – real, honest debate, not the name-calling that passes for intelligent discussion these days – is the best way to establish that this turd is a crackpot and a small, fearful animal. He now has the ability to manipulate the media to his own ends. The report I saw on ATV included his speculation that the Dal prof who was to debate him was “scared”. I sincerely doubt it, and I can understand and sympathize with Dalhousie’s motivation, but my concern is that now, that prof, and the university, have robbed themselves of any opportunity to rebut this fool.

The public has a short memory, and in a month, people will forget where they heard the ‘scared’ comment, but not that they heard it. Nor will they forget this man being attacked by a large group of masked assailants. All it takes if for that seed to be planted in some less rational people’s minds to make it ‘true’ to someone who can’t or won’t think for themselves.

The real weapons we have against racism are our reason and our willingness to learn. When we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn from, or even just about, other human cultures, we are all the poorer for having lost the opportunity. Sober thought and intelligent rebuttal are the best weapons we have, and by turning violent for the TV cameras, the protesters have taken away that option. They have shown his supporters what they already ‘know’: their opponents are not worthy of respect.

Bottom line folks: in this case, he has the moral high ground.

That is something that never, never, never should happen with creeps like Taylor, but a small group of masked moral vigilantes have handed it to him on a silver platter.

So, to these ‘freedom fighters’, I say this: the next time someone is speaking about reducing poverty, undoing global warming or mitigating the harmful effects of globalization, and someone shouts them down and violently abridges their right to speak, don’t think, “How dare they”, think instead:

“I have no-one to blame but myself.”

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