I hates the hate…

Flash’s post below regarding Jared Taylor’s interesting visit to Halifax, and the ensuing discussion, got me thinking. A few times during the discussion, the term “hate speech law” was thrown around. I am guilty, I did it, too. Now, I am going to throw something in here for the sake of argument, and I presume that one will ensue, but hate speech laws make me cringe. Hate crime laws are a different story, but speech should never be considered a crime except in cases in which it is actually used in the commission of a crime – threats, blackmail, and such. Hate speech laws are the thin edge of a wedge that could so very easily expand should a legislature be put in the mind to expand them. I prefer the clear and concise US First Amendment; there is no room for argument, no quibbling. If things that are said sometimes hurt or make me angry or upset; fine, that’s life.

People are not always nice, nor are they always right. However, as individuals, we always have options – we can argue, we can mobilize, we can research, or we can simper and whine behind the protection of the state’s skirts. Many things can be said about the odious views of Jared Taylor, but he is out there actively promoting them to the masses while we sit and wonder whether the law will protect us from his vile verbiage. If indeed Taylor is wrong, and most of us around here seem to think that he is, then let’s do something constructive about it rather than taking the Dalhousie University approach and sit and hope he’ll go away.

He won’t.

So what do we do about toads like Jared Taylor? We research their statements and expose them for the bullshit they are. For instance, as one of the commentors in Flash’s post wrote, Taylor refers to the X% of crimes committed by various non-white racial groups. Would it not also be relevent to see how these racial groups are represented across the economic spectrum and then look and see how crime itself is distributed economically? Stuff like this has already been done, and the racial arguments never stand up.

Let Jared Taylor shout to the rooftops – just make sure that others are doing the same, but with facts. The truth shall indeed set us free.

It is a sadly typical Canadian thing to have laws protecting people against harmful speech while at the same time maintaining a racist aboriginal policy that keeps our native population in poverty and at the fringes of society. Let them die from polluted water and inadequate housing, but by God don’t call them names!

There is important work to be done here, people.


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