Big Surprise – Sylvia Browne’s Boviturdinous!

Every so often, people will ask me what I have against psychics – ‘it’s harmless fun’, they’ll say, ‘you have to keep an open mind – they’re only trying to help…”

To these people I offer this video as rebuttal – a piece from CNN’s Anderson Cooper on famed psychic Sylvia and the ‘help’ she offered the parents of Shawn Hornbeck, the boy who has just been found very much alive after being missing for over 4 years – help which could be had at the low, low fee of $700 an hour…

Update: I’ve amended the title to reflect Flash’s excellent new word meaning ‘full of bulls**t’. Also, in the comments, Mike points out this article on James Randi’s site which shows that psychic James Van Praagh also weighed in on this case, with a similar lack of success.


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