Halifax, HRSB

HRSB update

In case anyone had any question that (a majority) of the former members of the Halifax Regional School Board had any pride, dignity, or maturity, today’s anouncement that they are launching a lawsuit to get their jobs back should settle the issue. As of yet there is not confirmed announcement as to which members are participating, but it appears that at least Debra Barlow, Deborah Brunt, Grace Walker, Darren Watts and Bridget Ann Boutilier are. Recent comments by Gin Yee, who is proving to be the one grown-up in the group, lead me to believe at least he is not.

The “participants” claim that they are suing for the principle, not for the ~$8K annuity they receive as Board members. If this was truly the case, I would suggest to whoever is doing public relations for these loathsome whiners that they should maybe have launched the suit immediately upon the dissolution of the Board, not two days after having their stipends stripped.

Childish and stupid as shit – excellent qualities in a school board, no?


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