A New Low in Demonization

Generally speaking, most of the opinion and analysis we hear coming from major universities is well-reasoned and interesting. As in any field of endeavor, however, there are those who tend towards the embarrassing side of academia. Dogma, for some, has become the cloaking device du jour, eliminating the need to consider alternate viewpoints. Some on the left see nothing redeemable about modern Western society, and some on the right stop just short of advocating a Fascist police state.

In the latter category, we now have Dinesh D’Souza, who out-Fascists the Fascists. If the review in the New York Times is accurate, Mussolini would think to himself, “This guy is nuts.”

In espousing a dogmatic, narrow view of ‘Leftists’, whom he views as ‘domestic insurgents’, he describes his rationale for believing that the ‘Secular Warriors’ are responsible for screwing up the American mission in Afghanistan, sabotaging the Decider’s grand plan for Mideast peace and for advocating in favour of a godless, soulless America. I think he may want to check the dipstick on his own soul, before pointing any fingers.

The Times has posted the first chapter of his book, so you can judge for yourselves just how scary this guy is.

Update: Upon detailed reading of the excerpt, it seems relatively innocuous – the ‘good’ stuff must come later. It’s a little disappointing, frankly. Sorry to get your hopes up.

If D’Souza is representative of the ‘think tank’ at Stanford University, it’s pretty clear that in some cases, more education has nothing to do with more intelligence or clarity.


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