Halifax, HRSB

We present The Disgruntled Seven

Owing to the fact that the Disgruntled Seven have now filed their lawsuit to get their $8,200 per year back thusly:

In a democracy, elected members of a school board or other representative body may have firmly held views, the verbal expression of which is messy… That does not mean that we should abolish democracy. A breach of the code of ethics, resulting in the partisan and impolite statement of opinion, can never be grounds to remove the board from office.

In a democracy no less!

We here in Eastern Kogistan are fully in favour of the messy display of firmly held views, which is exactly why we allow anonymous commenting. (Hell, that’s why we blog! With this messy display comes some responsibility, however. We request that those that comment respect one rule(including ourselves): that while they might find the ideas presented in a post or comment odious or facile, they address the argument and refrain from insults, however tempting. This is done in an effort to make commentors feel comfortable that they will not be “flamed” (to use a ’90-ism). It increases participation. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy: it veritably curls our toes to see that sometimes someone not us takes the time to not only read what we write, but think and write about it back to us. We may well disagree with the response, but we hope no one storms out in a huff. Well, not as often as say, a Halifax Regional School Board meeting.)

The fact of the matter is the elected board of the Halifax Regional School Board was not dismissed because of a difference of opinion, messy or otherwise. No, you were dismissed because you were unable to reliably produce a quorum at meetings owing to your juvenile reaction to the “firmly held views” held by various members, even after repeated warnings. In short, you wouldn’t grow up when told to, and you got sent to your room.

Too goddamned bad.

So now you sulk. I guess that’s the next logical step, isn’t it? What’s next, refusal to make your bed? Screams to your parents to “go die”?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

P.S. This announcement, more precisely, the wording of this announcement, seems to confirm that one of the D-7; Gary O’Hara, Deborah Brunt, Grace Walker, Bridget Ann Boutilier, Debra Barlow, Wade Marshall, or Darren Watts, must have commented to this post earlier in the week under the clever pseudonym “Democracy”. Note that in the comment, they cleverly tried to hide their identity by using the third person to describe their selfless efforts to defend democracy from the march of tyranny (I quote: “You are free to say what you want because people like this fight for our rights.”)

Fight on, Defenders of Democracy, fight on! At least now you’re not fighting amongst yourselves.


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