Here’s a Thought….

To all those people who felt compelled to write hate mail to the newspaper, simply for running the story of Ashley MacIsaac’s wedding – don’t worry, George Takei has a PSA that addresses your fears…

Otherwise, let’s try this bizarre concept on for size – if the sight of two men kissing bothers you that much – DON’T LOOK AT IT!!! Or don’t buy the paper at all. And if you’re opposed to Same-Sex Marriage – don’t attend one. Whether you like it or not – SSM is the Law of the Land, and if the Harper Government wasn’t gonna make a serious attempt to roll it back, it’s not going to be changing.

As for myself, I think I speak for my fellow ‘Koggers when I say – Congratulations, Ashley! Personally, I still think you’re a bit of a freak, but that has nothing to do with your sexual orientation – and hey, if married life helps you deal with accusations of racism and cocaine addiction, then all the power to you. Just one thing, though – don’t run for politics please; Nova Scotia elected one Fiddler to public office, and it hasn’t worked out too well…


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