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Now where did I put that Silver medal from Grade 6?

Perhaps it’s just pre-election spending combined with perhaps simple nostalgia on my part, but it’s nice to see the federal government has decided to revive Participaction. Of course, in true Conservative fashion, which is to say exactly the same as true Liberal fashion, they are not going to give it enough funds to really do something, but it is a start.

Remember those flexed arm hangs?

Locally, and related, here in Nova Scotia it seems to me about half of everyone I meet could stand to shed 15 or 20 kg. Today it was announced by the Conservative government that they are going to put on hold until at least 2008 their plan to have every high school kid in the province take a physical education class. The delay largely has to do with hiring enough qualified people and providing adequate equipment on a shoestring budget; in other words, the Tory government (gasp!) promised something before actually planning for the details. I’m thinking that only on the fiddle does Rodney know how to play more than one string at a time.

It might be shallow of me, but I have to believe that a healthy, active person is going to be less of a drain on the healthcare system than an overweight, inactive one. The government should see that it is not such a big stretch to assume that money spent now on developing active lifestyles will pay off later (and really, not that much later), in savings on healthcare.

So just why do we think it is such a victory to get high school students into a phys. ed. course once over a three-year program? Why not every day?


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