Parking in the rear…

It appears that at long last, the Grand Parade may become something more than a HRM city council’s parking lot. If the council agrees with the recommendation, on April 1, parking rights will be removed and councillor’s will be forced (some at gunpoint) to walk half a block. “Heaven’s to Betsy, what will happen to my shoes?” Ken Streatch was not quoted as saying, instead he simpered said:

When I took this job back in 1999, parking was part of the job, it came with the territory. And, quite frankly, this is a working city hall. This is not a museum, it is not a shrine…

I suspect that if, instead of pissing away upwards of half a billion that the council seems prepared to throw into the Commonwealth(y?) Games, we spent it on public transportation, perhaps we could make it convenient enough so that even Ken Streatch could take the bus or ferry in from Eastern Passage like the little people do.

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