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Atlantica strikes the Atlantic

It looks like we’ve been approached with some interesting spam in a comment to my post yesterday. Yup, the Atlantica cabal now has a political party and a website! The commentor asked what I/we thought of their policies, and I will comment on that when I have time to look at it in detail, but at a first glance I see that they’ve tried to cover their big business core with eau de platitude.

The floor is open for those that would like to comment…

11 thoughts on “Atlantica strikes the Atlantic

  1. I just took a quick look at their website. It definitely bears closer reading because I can’t quite make out what connection they have, if any at all, to the Atlantica business fuckheads who want things like wage and workplace safety regulations “relaxed” and want more of a New England involvement in screwing over the general populace than these guys seem to. As you can imagine I have a lot more to say about the co-prosperity sphere than there’s space for here. I’m not sure if these guys are all one and the same just yet. Stand by for more commentary.


  2. Think “Mein Kampf” Chapter Atlantica. Basically, its warm, fuzzy rhetoric about being good neighbours amongst the atlantic provinces and with the neighbouring New England states (which I actually think is a good idea – as a New Brunswicker I feel I have a lot more in common with someone from Maine than I do with a hoss wrangler from cowboy country out Calgary way)overlayed on the typical big business oriented drivel about being competitive, using our ports to get a lot more container carrying truck traffic onto provincially maintained (and funded) highways, and more extensive energy corridors headed south. I like the idea of community with our neighbours, I highly doubt the common folk and rabble such as ourselves are the ones the proponents of Atlantica (think I.R.Ving and peers) want to see prosper.


  3. Actually, Doug, you have hit the nail on the head. I just did a little prowling around and found, through this article on Rabble that they come fully formed from the womb of AIMS. If you would like to read a PDF of a paper by Brian Lee Crowley, necromancer-in-chief of AIMS on the topic, you can here. I love the title “Atlantica: Are we mature enough to open our window on the world?”. Get it – you’re with us or you’re infantile.

    I’m definitely going to read more of this stuff later on.


  4. Okay guys, I’m starting to go to school on these Atlantica guys. If you want to, and have a strongish stomach, you can read a ton about them on the AIMS website. Also, you can check out article (PDF) by Brian Lee Crowley, necromancer-in-chief at AIMS. You’ll like the title: “Reaching Atlantica: are we mature enough to open our window on the world?”. Get it, you’re either with us or you’re infatile!

    More to come on these twats, certainly!


  5. I’m pretty sure the Atlantica Party is unaffiliated with the Atlantica fuckwads championed by Creepy Crawly. I could be wrong, though. My hunch is that the folks at AIMS have a better handle on communication than the people behind the Party. That is, Creepy Crawley may be wrongheaded and in the pocket of Irving/McCain/Sobey/ExxonMobil, but he’s not a wingnut. Examples of silliness from The Atlantica Party over on Babble:

    The Atlantica Party invades!

    The Atlantica Party prefers STV over MMP or FPTP voting systems

    Abolish Parliament! Franco was right!


  6. Okay, I’ll bite – why would you name yourselves after the AIMS fetish “Atlantica” and then hide little gems like this in your propoganda sheet if you’re not a bastard child of Brian Lee Crowley?

    The Atlantica Party supports
    Public ownership and delivery of essential services, especially those that have a potential to become a monopoly or oligopoly if in the hands of the market.
    Universal publicly funded health care
    Universal day care
    Fully funded schooling from preschool through university
    Public oversight of essential services; energy, telecommunications, water, and sanitation

    Get it, we support universal health care, but oversight of other essential services – ie privatize all the rest.

    This has got AIMS written all over it, regardless of their protestations otherwise.


  7. Hello from the Atlantica Party,

    For the record the Atlantica Party is completely independent, made up of unaffiliated private citizens. We are not affiliated with nor receive funding from any corporations, special interest groups, other political parties, or any level of government. And never will.

    We are unaffiliated private citizens trying to help Atlantic Canada by advocating important political and electoral reforms. We are also promoting a regional voice for Atlantic Canada within Canada. Please check our website (we have updated it recently ), we would value your feedback.

    In case that is not clear, we are not associated with AIMS, or the Atlantica trade zone project.

    Currently we are a fledgling provincial party hoping to run in the provinces of Atlantic Canada. We chose to keep our initial group small in order to speed policy formulation. We did not think we could start building a party from ground zero without at least some fairly explicit policies. We did the paper work, accounts, web site then we decided to create policy and then focus on carefully building the executive/party core beyond the policy group to the point where we can start handling requests for memberships and candidatures (whom we have unfortunately had to turn away so far) and build a party that will contest provincial elections in all four Atlantic provinces.

    If you would be interested in joining the executive, to help build the party, help evolve our policies or just give us advice, we would love to hear from you. You know where to reach us.

    Here is our policy group:

    Mr. Michael Cox (NS)
    Mr. John MacKay (PEI)
    Mr. Jonathan Dean (NS)

    Yours truly is the third name, I am doing most of the posting for the others. I was elected. We are private citizens (we have no backers, supporters, no other party affiliations, no AIMS etc etc) with very little political experience. We are trying do something for the common good in Atlantic Canada. Believe it or not none of us desires a political career (and we worry about people who do).


    Jonathan Dean, Leader


  8. Jonathan;

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt – if you don’t want to be accused of affiliation with AIMS, you might want to give thought to changing the name of your party – call it the Atlantic Union Party or heck, the Greater Atlantic Co-Prosperity Sphere. As it stands now, claiming not to be affiliated with them, while taking the name ‘atlantica’ from them, makes you appear disengenuous at best and inobservant of current affairs at worst – neither quality being one that would make me say ‘hey, those guys might have a point!”

    Also, the fact that this exact same post appeared, word for word, on forums, and for all I know half-a-dozen other blogs, really fails to impress me – you’ll have to show something a lot more substantive than cut-and-paste posting of your arguments to convince me that you’re something better than a ‘fly-by-night’ operation….


  9. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the response. The name has generated some activity for us, we didn’t pick it up from AIMS, rather we used it to mirror the concept of Cascadia on the west coast. It is a fairly common name (a resort, a mall, several companies, an ancient landmass …). We also thought about Acadia, but it is already being used. Anyway we picked the name several years ago before all of the hubbub. I think it is a two edged sword for us, we tend to get lumped into the whole AIMS thing and written off by uncritical people or we get to challenge people to actually read the web site, reforms, posts, interviews when they start tossing ‘corporate shill’ around.

    It is true that the post is a repost for the most part. We have a debate presence on a lot of forums and since the same questions tend to get asked during parallel debates it is commodious to have a ‘database’ of good responses which we can occasionally post or edit and post to suit the context. But most of our posts are one-offs. Anyway this post is an original!

    Regarding fly-by-night, well the group has been together for three years and more, we have a fairly extensive web-site, we are in the media, registered, party documents, public speeches etc. It is true we are at ground zero, but that is ok we are in for the long haul. I don’t know what else to say. Check with the AIMS people. Please feel free to ask us anything you like, we can even meet and I can show you my drivers license.

    Not sure why AIMS would ‘front’ a party that has nothing to say about the free trade corridor idea and tons to say about reforming our current political system in progressive ways (including eliminating all corporate influence in politics). And if you want substantive just look at our electoral and political ideas.



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