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Safe Haven

I figured this needed no embellishment from me. I wish I’d had the opportunity to hear it. With any luck, there’ll be a podcast at some point. Particularly distressing is the implication that Taylor won the debate – I hate to think we were betting on the wrong horse. If you want something done right, I guess you have to do it yourself.

Halifax radio station hosts controversial debate on racial diversity


HALIFAX (CP) – A Halifax radio station held a controversial debate on racism Tuesday after Saint Mary’s University cancelled the event over security concerns.

Philosophy professor Peter March and self-described “race realist” Jared Taylor exchanged views for 90 minutes on a CJCH radio talk show. March was already scheduled to appear on the program and he asked the station if Taylor could also be invited.

Taylor, who is with American Renaissance magazine in Virginia and advocates the separation of races, was roughed up in January when he tried to give a speech on his racial views at a Halifax hotel.

The radio debate attracted little attention as only two protesters showed up outside the station before the program began carrying placards that read: “SMU faculty against racism.”

They left before the call-in show ended.

Ryan, an African-Canadian caller, said he thought the program had merit because it generated talk about racism, although he disagreed with Taylor’s views.

“I think the last thing we need here in Nova Scotia is talk about separation of people,” he said.

Tim congratulated the CJCH for doing the show.

“I think we should let anyone debate whatever the heck they want, whether we agree with them or not,” he added.

“Completely on the debate itself, unfortunately Mr. Taylor won. Unfortunately.”

The host of the show, Rick Howe, warned that he would intervene if he thought the debate was in danger of violating Canada’s anti-hate laws.

Before inviting callers to air their views, Howe said he had his own worries about doing the show.

“I was very nervous about that hour and a half, but I thought that we covered the territory well,” he said. “We did, indeed, have a good, wide-open debate on this issue.”

Scott Bodnarchuk, general manger of the station, said a seven-second delay was placed on the broadcast as a precaution.

The front doors of the station were locked to prevent any security problems and police were informed that the debate was taking place, he said.

“This is a safe environment . . . to hold the debate and let the public give their opinion on the pros and cons of both sides,” Bodnarchuk said in an interview.

Saint Mary’s issued a statement late Monday afternoon saying there was a higher need for security than it could provide for the debate.

The announcement came shortly after a group opposed to the event said it would protest outside the building where the event was to occur on Tuesday evening.

University officials said the debate was cancelled after concerns were raised over a posting on an online message board run by self-described white nationalists.

“There was a piece on one of the American websites that talked about stabbing . . . and sticking someone,” Chuck Bridges, vice-president of external affairs, said Monday.

“That was the first indication that this might take on a different direction.”


3 thoughts on “Safe Haven

  1. Hats off to CJCH for having more courage than Saint Mary’s. When subjects like this come up, we should not be afraid to air them. Hosting this debate was a risky venture for CJCH. Many things can happen on a live phone in show that can be out of the control of the staion, and that makes it even more impressive.


  2. “Particularly distressing is the implication that Taylor won the debate”

    Are you insane? Taylor clearly won the debate. Stephen March lost by forfeit because he defined the term “diverse society” to mean something that it doesn’t mean: just, harmonious, equitable diverse society. Then he proceeded to defend that notion of diverse society which wasn’t what the debate was supposed to be about. Unless there was some confusion as to what they were supposed to be debating to begin with, there’s pretty much no way to say that Taylor didn’t win.


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