Time to go…

The recent behaviour of Jason Cherniak has pissed me off enough that I think it’s time to remove blevkog from the sainted ranks of Liblogs. There really is no point in itemizing the incidents, they’ve all been covered by those more intimately involved than I; it would only be redundant, and ultimately a disservice.

Last year when I started blevkog, I invited Dan, graven, briguy, and flash on board because we share a left-of-centre political worldview. We often disagree on specific issues but there is a sense of common cause. Inhabiting that side of the political spectrum in Canada is the NDP, sometimes the Liberals, and a host of other smaller parties like the Green. We decided to join the ‘dippers and Liblogs aggregators because our views sometimes aligned with either of the parties, sometimes both, sometimes neither. Also, it seemed more open, more fair, to be members of more than one party listing – I have voted all over the map in my day and I feel no reason to become a “party man” now that I’ve begun to blog.

I must admit, when I first found the ‘dippers and Liblogs, I found what I felt are earnest people interested in real discussions about issues that I felt were important and interesting, kindred spirits if you will. There are many blogs that I continue to frequent for whom this is very true.

Unfortunately, Jason Cherniak himself is not one of those people. He is quite the opposite, in fact – a political fanboy eager to hold the coat of whoever will lift him up a little bit higher in the party apparatchik. He is also a sophist, for whom rumour and truth are tools to advance his own ambitions one argument at a time. If he believes in something outside the importance of his own career, it is no greater than the political health of the Liberal Party, his chosen vehicle. He’s the Liberal party’s Adam Daifallah, and they can keep him.

For what it’s worth, I’m fine with that. The world is full of careerists in every walk of life, and our party-based political system unfortunately needs such people to function; flag-wavers and door-holders.

They do not, however, need blevkog to advertise for them any longer.

6 thoughts on “Time to go…

  1. Thanks, Steve, but it’s really no big thing. Our fit within the Liblogs was not really a true one. For what it’s worth, you’re one of the good guys. 😉


  2. This fellow Cherniak seems to me a strange guy. I read that he called Chomsky an anti Semite, perhaps the biggerst stretch I ever heard of, rails against a real anti semite in the same inhuman terms that they use against Jewish people, and is surely an uncritical supporter of the Isreali lobby. Now that the US, with Canada dutifully traipsing after, will need to walk a very different path to the one the Israelis have chosen, groups of Jewish people outside Isreal who do favor permitting the Palestinians to develop their own state are forming rapidly, Cherniak has not chosen well as one politically eager to rise, while he surely does not have the temprament of the centerists who populate the Liberal ranks. He sort of looks like odd man out. And you know what happens to them, they do not get intvited up to the big house for dinner.


  3. A true sign of intelligence, in my view, is the ability to forgo partisan rhetoric in favour of intelligent debate. Cherniak seems incapable of this – his apology seems rather hollow.
    He’s apologizing because someone called him on it, not because he’s contrite. I’ve read the recent posts, and I agree with your decision. There’s much better places for us to go, and more interesting people to publicize.
    Plus, they didn’t run my stuff anyway.:P


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