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Is Bandar no longer a loyal Bushie?

Is it possible that the United States is losing grip of the one Arab state that it has managed to maintain as an ally for the past generation? If this report is correct, then relations with Saudi Arabia, a friend the United States cannot afford to lose, are beginning to freeze up.

In recent weeks, the House of Saud has determinedly not fallen in line with Condoleeza Rice’s “realignment” of Arab nations, instead it has been attempting to open relations with Iran and Hezbollah. And more recently, the US occupation of Iraq has been called “illegal” by none other than King Abdullah.

And now it appears the King is unable to attend an April 17 gala celebration in his honour planned at the White House. Jim Hoagland (Washington Post) thinks that this is further demonstration that even friends of the United States are fleeing the sinking ship that is US foreign policy. (I suppose this makes keeping your enemies closer easier. Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Hoagland concludes that this might be the result of the Saudis seeing the writing on the wall for the Bush administration and everything it is associated with and they are willing to hedge while the Bush presidency limps to a close amid scandal and corruption.

I wonder if the American public is looking forward to hitting the fast-forward button to 2008? For the sake of international relations, getting rid of this administration quickly is quite possibly the most important thing the Democrats could do. One might argue that pussy-footing around like they are is a crime against humanity.

Maybe they could arrange for some young White House intern to “take one for the team” to make Bush impeachable.


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