Commonewealth Games, Halifax

Oh, that pesky $425 million!

A group of local business people wants to breathe life into Halifax’s abandoned bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Chronicle Herald, March 30

Apparently, the information released in the day(s) leading up to the dissolution of the Games bid got some local businesses excited, and there is talk of an attempt to resurrect the bid. The bid committee, which effectively put a bullet in its own head by treating everything it did as a state secret (“Logan, Scott Logan”), has been downright effusive this week (why they even drew pictures!), and this has got the business community all hot and horny for the Games again. I guess I over-estimated the intelligence of our business “leaders” once again.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. I hereby promise to never again over-estimate the intelligence of the business community or, for that matter, to under-estimate their desparation to get their hot little hands on free government money.

In the couple of weeks since the province announced its pull-out, Logan’s gang have trimmed over a half-billion dollars, apparently fluff, off of their budget, so now Sue Uteck, who has had her panties in a bunch all along, is trying to rouse interest again. “Leadership”, I guess.

What does this mean? Did the bid committee have to be threatened with loss of allowance or desert? Are they really children? (My children?)

One thing the article doesn’t mention is the hundreds of millions of dollars the local business community is now willing to pony up for the benefit of the community. Such an oversight on the part of the Herald; tsk, tsk.

I was just goofing around there for a minute – the business “leaders” are leading the charge with/for our money again. Golly.

If this stupidity gets started again, and if, if Halifax won the Games, I’ll eat the computer that I am typing on right now if the budget didn’t inflate magically back to the previous numbers or worse before we get half-way to opening day. This is just more smoke and mirrors to try to keep the bid alive to judgement day, after which point it would be really, really difficult to pull the Games out of our wallets. If Sue Uteck thinks Halifax got bad press two weeks ago, what would she do if we had to drop the Games after winning the bid and the ensuing tax revolt?

4 thoughts on “Oh, that pesky $425 million!

  1. This boggles the mind. Where do these clowns think the cash will come from? More to the point, it was pretty apparent that nothing would get done on the previous bid without vast amounts of cash for superstructure that wasn’t there and, I’m just guessing here, hasn’t been built in the last two weeks, so how the fuck do they figure it can be done with less cash after a belt-tightening provincial budget?
    This is likely going to turn out to be the bid committee’s last ditch attempt to deny reality. Bringing a pack of well meaning rotarians on board won’t get the support of those who oppose this boondoggle unless they pony up a significant portion of their own cash. I can’t see that happening.


  2. Thank goodness this desperate re-launch has been extinguished.

    The publicly staged charade to get the bid going again is a textbook example of what happens in a leadership vacuum. Loose canons, empire builders, sycophants and bottom-feeders run wild like undisciplined children.

    I wonder if Rodney and Peter Kelly have any idea of the damage their inept leadership is doing this city and province


  3. The games seems to be a zombie – I hope that it has been shot in the head this time and won’t get up off the ground again.

    ‘Leadership vacuum’ is a downright flattering description for what Peter Kelly and Rodney have been shovelling us on this one.


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