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More things that make you go “Hmmmm…YIKES!”

I just read an interview with Noam Chomsky, that lays out in plain english what is wrong with corporatism – they are pathologically sociopathic (is that redundant?). Not that this is something that is news,  especially for anyone who has seen “the corporation”, I only wish I could express myself as clearly and concisely as he does. Why does reading things like this make me want to join the communist party? Start a class war? I guess its the realization that I am firmly ensconced in the “underlying population”, the “inferiors ” that are expected to be drones of consumption, for the further enrichment of the wealthy. Damn. What colors do those handbaskets come in?


4 thoughts on “More things that make you go “Hmmmm…YIKES!”

  1. No no my friend, you don;t want to be a communist, you want to follow in the footsteps of Emma Goldman, Noam Chomsky, Murray Rothbard and others and become an anarchist.

    Why trade the corporate master for the state master (or vice versa?). Think voluntary cooperations and the non-initiation of force and you have entered the world not only of those above, but of Karl Hess, Lysander Spooner, Benjermain Tucker, Prudon, Bakunin and Kropotkin….its a big, wide, interesting field…


    rationalreasons.blogspot.com (the old place)


  2. Mike is right – communism is no different than corporatism in any of the important ways. Replacing profit-motivated corporate ownership with the centralized power of government ownership is a step sideways at best.


  3. Anarchist, eh? Yeah, you are both right. I was expressing a gut reaction, mingling with ideal notions of Che Gueverra…. ah… La Revolucion… Although, I don’t think commmunism in its pure form is supposed to run as a dictatorship of the state in the soviet model. Thats just exchanging an elite of the wealthy for an elite of the bureaucracy (who become the new elite of the wealthy), as you point out.

    I just wonder if I have the strength of conviction of a Goldman, or Chomsky… willing to go head to head with reasoned discussion/ debate: intellectually and morally, time after time – for decades. I suspect at some point I’m going to get an uncontrollable urge to blow something or someone up. I am doubtful whether I function on their level.


  4. “Anarchism, in my view, is an expression of the idea that the burden of proof is always on those who argue that authority and domination are necessary. They have to demonstrate, with powerful argument, that that conclusion is correct. If they cannot, then the institutions they defend should be considered illegitimate.” – Noam Chomsky, On Anarchism


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